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Emerson announced at a Wednesday council meeting that it would expand the operations of its Ontario plant.

ONTARIO — Emerson Process Management will begin an expansion project its Ontario facility later this month, representatives of the company announced Wednesday. 

Jim Fraser, director of global manufacturing engineering for Emerson, and Scott Lewis, plant operations manager, informed Ontario City Council of the $6.5 million project at a meeting Wednesday night. The company will break ground at its Ontario plant, located at 2500 Park Avenue West, on November 20. 

The first phase of the project includes an addition of 12,600 square feet of manufacturing space, which will increase the capacity of the plant’s rotary vein and electro-hydraulic operator lines. Later, an additional 10,900 square feet will be added to the plant’s shipping area.

“We’re very excited about getting this project started,” Fraser said. “It’s really a credit to Scott (Lewis) and what he’s done with this factory from an operations perspective… This plant operates some of the best metrics we have in our business."

Emerson’s Ontario facility currently employs 174 people, who make a total of $9.6 million per year. Fraser predicted the expansion will add 20 new jobs and $960,000 of payroll dollars to the Ontario location over the next five years.  

According to Fraser, the project will take approximately 15 to 16 months to complete. He hopes to see the expanded manufacturing lines up and running by June 2020.

The Ontario plant was selected from a number of potential expansion locations, including Emerson plants in Houston and India. The company has been working with the City of Ontario, the Richland County Development Group and JobsOhio for nearly a year to come to a decision. 

“It’s nice to be able to retain it here,” said Randy Hutchinson, mayor of Ontario. “The quality of workforce they have here and the way that plant is run by Mr. Lewis is the reason they decided to stay here.”

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