Art in the Alcove will allow the public to visit and enjoy this space behind Tara's Floral Expressions on Aug. 24.  

MANSFIELD -- Hidden behind Tara's Floral Expressions in downtown Mansfield is a small but peaceful spot that business owner Tara Beaire calls the "Alcove." 

The private space along Temple Court was formed last year when Beaire had the back half of the building demolished. That space has since been enhanced with plants, paintings and features like a stage for live events.

"We were thinking about bigger cities and how they have vibrant, happening places hidden in alleys and all over the city," Beaire said. "They can draw you in from blocks away with live music."

To show off the space, she has planned an event called Art in the Alcove. The first was held last summer shortly after the Alcove was formed. And this year's event is planned from 4 to 9 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 24. 

The event will feature local art by Clare Boggs, Nataleigh Everett, Kaitlyn Schmitz, Janet Hall, Chalmer Hall, Mumu Lang and Ray Baughman and live, original music by Atomadam, Riley Beaire, Luke Adkins. Mumu Lang and Katie Griffin. 

"We wanted to do something with art and music to support the community and what they are passionate about," Beaire said. 

Further, her family is artistically inclined. Her son, Chase Beaire, is part of the band Atomadam, and her husband, Tim Beaire, is a sculptor who has created several black-and-white paintings and 3-D art pieces for the Alcove.


Tim Beaire, a sculptor, has incorporated his artwork in the Alcove, as pictured above. 

His work, and paintings by a handful of other artists, can be seen along one of the walls in the Alcove. Eventually, Beaire said, the individual paintings will be tied together through painted vines and flowers to create a more complete mural. 

"We wanted to give new life to this area," Beaire said. 

She recognized Nataleigh Everett, Kaitlyn Schmitz, Zach Conley, Bonnie Smith, Abby Zirzow, Teya Schendel and Alexis Link for their part in the mural. Everyone has volunteered their respective time and talent, she said. 


Tim Beaire has created several of the black and white painting in the Alcove. 

Admission to Art in the Alcove is free.

As the space continues to evolve, Beaire intends to open the space for public events and has considered renting the space for private parties, too. 

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