Amanda Heinberger Denim N Lace

Shelby resident Amanda Heinberger stands by the counter of her new clothing shop, Denim N Lace.

SHELBY -- Amanda Heinberger doesn’t like the word ‘boutique.’

It brings to mind high-end, women’s fashion. That’s not the vibe she wants for Denim N Lace, her new clothing store at 153 Mansfield Avenue.

“I want everybody to feel welcome when they walk in,” she said. “It’s not extreme. It’s not runway fashion. I just brought in things that I like.”

Denim N Lace carries both men’s and women’s clothing, as well as accessories and other gift items. Featured brands include Grunt Style, Miss Macie Boots, Rock Revival and Buffalo Girls Salvage, a female-owned company that makes jewelry from recycled bullet casings.

“I was really impressed. They had a lot to offer,” said Karen Fellure, who stopped by to do some last-minute Christmas shopping. “Shelby’s lucky to have them.”

For Heinberger, the reason for opening a clothing store in Shelby was simple -- the community lacked one. 

“A friend of mine said, ‘I need to get my boyfriend some shirts. Is there anywhere good in town to go?’ … And I’m like, ‘no,’” the Shelby resident recalled.

After that casual conversation, the wheels started to turn almost immediately. Heinberger looked inside her closet and called the clothing brands she regularly wears to inquire about wholesale.

Just 28 days later, Denim N Lace opened its doors on Black Friday.

“There was a need,” she said. “I just wanted a cool place for people to come where prices weren’t insane.”

Fellure agreed, joking that the shop had “saved her” from the pre-Christmas panic of finding those last few gifts.

Heinberger said the community has been receptive so far. She’s even had repeat customers. While she acknowledged that retail booms bigger around the holidays, she predicts the store will continue to be successful.

“I’m going to outgrow this space, I think,” she said. 

For Heinberger, the best part of running the shop is interacting with her customers, especially the ones that need a little help finding the perfect look.

“I love putting people together. When they walk in the door, some people that don’t really know what they want,” she said. “It’s fun.”

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