Cypress Hill Winery is moving into the former National Electric Supply building on East Fourth Street. 

MANSFIELD -- Cypress Hill Winery is moving.

But don't worry, it's not going far. In fact, it'll be just one block over from its original downtown location.

Rick and Carol Taylor are moving their winery into the former National Electric Supply building at 51 E. 4th St. The couple has big plans for the 14,400-square-foot space, which include adding a restaurant on the top floor.

The restaurant will be called "Hudson and Essex" as an homage to the history of the building, used originally as a car dealership that sold Hudson and Essex automobiles.

Ben Hoggard, chef and managing partner, said the menu will be chef-driven and seasonal.

"This area has so much to offer in the way of produce, meats and local products that it would be a shame not to take advantage of it, it would be a shame to import a lot of products, so we're going to try to use what's available to us here," said Hoggard, who owns The BBQ Shack in Ontario.

The menu will feature home-style dishes, "but done the right way, not the fast food way," Hoggard said.

A wood-fired stove sourced from Barcelona, Spain will be used for baking fresh bread.

"We're going to have one of the nicest ovens in the state of Ohio for making proper old world breads," Hoggard said.

There will also be a number of items for sale, including prepared sandwiches, side dishes, fresh pastas, wine, olive oil, balsamic oil, among other products.  

Forest Helsturm, who's worked at Cypress Hill Winery for five years, will stay on as winery manager.

He's looking forward to the move. "It really is going to be amazing," he said.

The winery will be located on the building's lower level. The idea for this area is to include a tasting bar and seating for individuals who want a drink and/or an appetizer. Part of the space will be used as a kitchen for mixing dough, making sausage, storing cheese, etc. 

When it comes to what all the property will consist of, Hoggard said they're only limited by their imaginations.

One idea is to convert an adjacent building that's currently used for storage into a distillery.


This building located right next to the restaurant/winery could become a distillery. 

In between that building and the restaurant/winery is a grassy area, which will be turned into an outdoor patio.


This tree will be removed to make room for an outdoor patio area. 

"I've got endless plans," Rick said, as he walked around the property.

He said he's also talked with the Phoenix Brewing Company, which is within walking distance, about having them create a signature beer for the winery.

The Taylors, joined by Gary and Jan Jones, opened Cypress Hill Winery at its current location (below City Grille) in 2009. The Jones retired from the business in 2013.

The tentative opening timeframe for the new location is the holiday season. 

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