Lock It Up Storage Dec. 6 Auction

Lock it up storage will offer the following at public auction on Friday Dec. 6th as a direct result of nonpayment of their account. The undersigned has been granted authority by legal procedure to sell the following but not limited to, at public auction, although the law of redemption applies in the above.

Lock it Up Storage, 260 Ashland Rd. Mansf. at 11 am

Unit C04, belongings of Amy Lee, last known address 286 Myers ave. Mansf. Table, chairs, air conditioner, refrigerator

Sunlite Laundry/Tanning & Storage, 1081 w. Longview Ave, Mansf. at noon

Unit 966, belongings of Kay Mosier, last known address 321 w. 6th St. Mansf. Totes, suit cases, christmas

Unit 972, belongings of Danielle Anderson, last known address 8059 south Clyde, chicago, il curio cabinet, small freezer, lamps, totes, boxes

Lock it Up West, 1201 w. Longview Ave., Mansf. at 12:30 pm

Unit 1006, belongings of Corrine Bryant, last known address 779 King St. Mansf. Sofa, loveseat, table

Unit 8011, belongings of Tammy Boyard, last known address 110 Bauer Crt, Crestline. Desk, boxes

Unit 3020, belongings of Sheila Crittenden, last known address 60 Grandite St. Mansf. Dresser, chair, bags

Unit 1025, belongings of Misty Caudill, last known address 193 Fredrick Crt. Mansf. Furniture, boxes

Unit 2026 and 1010 (ea. Unit sold separately), belongings of Catherine Canankamp, last known address 532 Van Buren St. Mansf.

Unit 602, belongings of Derrick Deschner, last known address 1018 Burger Ave. Mansf. Chair, sofa

Unit a221, belongings of Shelbie Dewitt, last known address 352 Boston Ave. Mansf. Bar stool, freezer, refrigerator, washer, sofa

Unit 6007, belongings of Gladys Judd, last known address 132 Sycamore St. Mansf. Dresser, boxes

Unit 1018, belongings of Rochelle Lee, last known address 989 Landings Crt. Mansf. Folding table, cooler, boxes

Unit 837, belongings of Thomas Locke, last known address 124 N. Washington ave. Crestline. Sofa, heater, ladder

Unit 654, belongings of Shawn Moxley, last known address 137 Bartley Ave. Mansf.

Unit a108, belongings of Cedric Taylor, last known  address 420 Charles St. Mansf. Chair, hutch, golf clubs

Unit a215, belongings of Joyce Taite, last known address 74 Greenwood Ave. Mansf. Grill, tv, lamp, boxes

Unit 4018, belongings of Edwin Walton, last known address 204 Atcheson Ave. Mansf. Boxes, guitar, chair

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