Bellville Map

This map of Bellville outlines the areas involved in the gas line replacement project.

BELLVILLE – Columbia Gas is set to begin a project in Bellville to replace aging gas lines with newer, state-of-the-art plastic pipe.

The work will take place on pre-determined streets between the Bellville Bridge and Durbin Avenue. In total, crews will install roughly 12,000 feet of new pipe, serving approximately 225 residences.

Residents should expect work to begin this week. Columbia Gas and its contractor, Mid-Ohio Pipeline, will begin construction by installing the new main line and then proceed to service lines for individual properties. Some gas meters may be relocated as well.

The new plastic pipe has several benefits, including enhanced safety features and the ability to bend to the earth’s contour while expanding and contracting with shifting temperatures. Once installed, the modernized system will last longer and reduce the amount of future maintenance required for upkeep.

The project requires only a short interruption to natural gas service. Columbia Gas crews or contractors will contact affected customers to schedule the brief shut off and relight appointments.

Additionally, crews will make every effort to install either in alleys or behind buildings on the northern portion of Main Street so as to minimize disruption to downtown businesses.

All employees and contractors carry identification cards with their names and photograph and must show them upon request. In light of COVID-19, crews are also following strict recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to keep everyone safe.

There is no additional cost to customers and Columbia Gas will restore all impacted property. Work is expected to last about fourth months. For more information, visit For a short video explaining the process, visit

A second section of the project south of Durbin Ave. is expected to get underway a bit later in the year.

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