Catalyst remains open for anyone and ready to serve anyone looking to seek treatment. 

MANSFIELD -- Last week, Catalyst Life Services completed a three-day survey facilitated by the Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitative Facilities (CARF).

CARF is an international gold standard accreditation, in which program standards are reviewed by professionals who determine if the agency is meeting over 3,000 key standards. These standards look at many areas, including, Finance, Human Resources, IT, Health/Safety, Leadership, Governance, Vocational Services, Mental Health/Substance Abuse Services and programing, Audiology and several other areas.

Catalyst received zero findings during this review, and were found to be 100-percent compliant with all standards. The lead surveyor shared the rarity of an organization having zero findings, stating "it is almost unheard of." The CARF surveyors stated "Staff at Catalyst are professional, caring, competent and take pride in their work."  

The CARF surveyors referred to Catalyst as "the flagship organization in our area."  

“We are proud of our results and the quality services we provide to the community and we look forward to another year of serving," said Laura Montgomery, CEO of Catalyst Life Services. "Catalyst Life Services is grateful for the trust we have been given to support the community in such critical ways."

What does CARF accreditation mean for the public?

For those being served, CARF accreditation means that the CARF-accredited service provider is committed to reducing risk, addressing health and safety concerns, respecting preferences of individuals (cultural or otherwise) and providing the best quality of care possible.

It also shows that the accredited organization values the feedback and input of their clients and is accountable to the community. Accreditation demonstrates that a CARF-accredited service provider has made a specific commitment to put the needs of their residents at the center of everything they do and that they respect the rights and individuality of its clients.

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