Ohio Senate President Larry Obhof

Ohio Senate President Larry Obhof, whose district includes Richland and Ashland counties.

COLUMBUS — Ohio Senate President Larry Obhof today announced the Senate passage of a Senate Bill 1, which he said would eliminate outdated, unnecessary government red tape and bring Ohio’s regulatory environment more in-line with national averages.

The bill, which Obhof co-sponsored, would require Ohio’s state agencies to reduce the overall number of state regulations by 30 percent over three years.

If agencies are unable to meet the 30 percent requirement, a "2-for-1" strategy would be implemented by which two regulations must be eliminated for each new one created.

The measure was introduced last year after a study showed Ohio's administrative code has nearly 100,000 more regulatory restrictions than the national average.

Obhof, a Republican from Medina, represents a district that includes Richland and Ashland counties.

"Unnecessary red tape stifles the potential of Ohio's job creators and limits employment opportunities for Ohioans," said Obhof. "The legislature has a responsibility to make sure any rules or regulations created by state government have a specific purpose and intent to protect our citizens and do not create needless barriers to growth and opportunity."

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Recent March reporting showed record new business filings and a dropping unemployment rate in Ohio.

“These are strong signs that Ohio’s economy continues to grow,”  said Obhof. “Policies that are good for the working men and women of our state also make Ohio a better place to do business.”

Senate Bill 1 now moves to the Ohio House for consideration.