Lock it Up 10/23

Lock It Up Storage will offer the following at public auction on Friday, October 23 as a direct result of non payment of their account. The undersigned has been granted authority by legal procedure to sell the following but not limited to, at public auction, although the law of redemption applies in the above.

Lock It Up West, 1201 W. Longview Ave, Mansfield, 44906 at 11:30 a.m.

UNIT 6056, belongings of George J. Gibson, last known address 710 Ashland Road, Lot 7, Mansfield. Chair, dresser

UNIT 5032, belongings of Jerry Adkins, last known address 2771 Lexington Ave, Mansfield. Wood shelf, bed frame

UNIT 6027, belongings of Leona G. Litteral, last known address 165 Executive Drive, Mansfield. Bench, printer, totes

UNIT 2055, belongings of Robert Richardson, last known address 705 King Street, D6, Mansfield. Sofa, chairs, lamp, dryer

UNIT 1014, belongings of Nicholas Spognardi, last known address P.O. Box 816, Mansfield. Sofa, dryer, chair

UNIT 2010 & 2005, belongings of Delbert Williams, last known address P.O. Box 414, Mansfield. Totes and boxes

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