David Madden

David Madden has been promoted to vice president at Barrister Title Group.

MANSFIELD -- David Madden has been promoted to Vice President and Assistant General Counsel at Barrister Title Group, according to Bud Vetter, the company's CEO.

Madden works with Vetter Law Offices in the areas of real estate law, business law and estate planning and probate, as well as closing commercial and residential transactions for Barrister Title Group.

Madden, a long-time Mansfield resident, grew up in the Richland County area. He graduated from The Ohio State University, Claude W. Pettit College of Law, and was admitted to the practice of law in the state of Ohio in 2012.

"David's legal experience and interpersonal skills are helpful in performing various roles at Barrister Title," Vetter said. "David's background in real estate, as well as his thorough attention to detail is an asset to both the commercial and residential sides of Barrister Title."

When not working, Madden enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with his wife, Catherine. For more information on Barrister Title Group visit the website at www.barristertitlegroup.com or call at 419-522-2262.

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