Athena Award

Nominations for the Athena Award are due on Dec. 7. 

MANSFIELD --Below are 7 awards which will be presented at the Richland Area Chamber and RCDG’s Annual Meeting and Economic Excellence Awards on Jan. 31. Organizers are looking forward to submissions.

ATHENA Award - Nominations are due Friday, Dec. 7.

ATHENA Leadership Award, sponsored by Richland Bank, is one that is given out nationally and internationally and is a well-known achievement which highlights a woman living in north central Ohio who is honored for professional excellence, community service and for actively assisting women in their attainment of professional excellence and leadership skills.

Nomination Deadline: Dec. 7

Please click here for a nomination form.

2019 Economic Excellence Awards (4 categories)

The awards are an opportunity to highlight businesses, individuals and organizations that have had significant impact on the growth and development of the local economy.

Nomination Deadline: Friday, Jan. 4


Business Excellence Award: Based on employment growth, capital investment, product development, system/process innovation, and civic involvement.

Distinguished Performance Award: The nominee should live the RCDG mission, “to improve the economic vitality of Richland County”, have demonstrated allegiance to Leadership within, and aided in the growth of the Richland County economy.

Economic Impact Award: Recognizes public sector/non-profit entities for their efforts in supporting economic development in Richland County.

Investing in our Future Award: Recognizes the person or program that has significantly contributed to preparing the workforce of the future.

​Please click here for a nomination form.

​RYP Business Excellence Awards (2 categories)

Richland Young Professionals (RYP) have established two unique awards that will be presented to the most deserving nominee.

Nomination Deadline: Friday, Jan. 4.


RYP Entrepreneurial Spirit Award: Richland County business that either started or re-invented itself in the last 24 months, led/owned by a young professional (21-40 years of age).

RYP Community Hero Award: Individual, organization, or business that is fully committed to serving the community thereby spurring economic growth and development. Must be a young professional (21-40 years of age), or an organization/business led or owned by a young professional.

Please click here for a nomination form.

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