AK Steel

AK Steel will be closed two weeks for maintenance, a spokesperson said Thursday.

MANSFIELD -- Employees at AK Steel's Mansfield Works shouldn't be worried about the plant's two-week closure, according to a representative from parent company Cleveland-Cliffs.

“We had already had a planned maintenance outage that was supposed to be done in about three to four days. What we’re doing is just extending the maintenance outage for two weeks and then we’re going to restart," said Patricia Persico, director of corporate communications for Cleveland-Cliffs Inc.

While Persico said the extension of the outage was not motivated by COVID-19, she did say outages in the automotive industry helped form the decision.

“The automotive sector that we supply, we’re trying to match up that demand if you will, because they’ve extended their outages of their production," Persico explained.

Mansfield Works is located on Bowman Street and employees 390 people. The plant services numerous industries, including automotive, fuel and safety systems, appliances, cutlery, heating, ventilation and air condition and processing equipment.

The steel mill has been a Mansfield staple for more than a century under the ownership of various companies, dating back to 1900.

Last December, Cleveland-Cliffs announced its plans to purchase AK Steel for approximately $1.1 billion. AK Steel now operates as a direct, wholly-owned subsidiary of Cleveland-Cliffs.

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