Lock It Up Auction
Lock It Up Storage will offer the following at public auction on Friday Sept. 13 as a direct result of non payment of their account. The undersigned has been granted authority by legal procedure to sell the following but not limited to, at public auction, although the law of redemption applies in the above.
Keystone Storage, 420 Ashland Rd., Mansfield, at 11 am
Unit 24, belongings of Robert Valentine, last known address 626 Gordon Rd., Mansfield: futon, 2 televisions, desk, computer monitor, toys, walker
Sunlite Laundry/Tanning & Storage, 1081 W. Longview, Mansfield, at 12 pm       

Unit 314, belongings of Tiffany Holwagner, last known address 371 Bell St. Mansfield: kids power wheels, ice maker, household items
Unit 600, belongings of Nicholas Southerland, last known address 526 W 4th St., Mansfield: chairs, lawnmower, plow
Unit 303, belongings of Megan McIntyre, last known address 743 Concord St., Mansfield: end table, crib, vacuum
Unit 919, belongings of Amanda Cumak, last known address 600 Sackman St., Mansfield: table, chair, love seat
Unit 209, belongings of Tyler Robbins, last known address 127 Oxford Rd., Mansfield: changing table, kids dresser, microwave
Unit 956, belongings of James McDonald, last known address 1145 Delwood Rd., Mansfield: chair, lamp, vacuum, air compressor, kids scooter
Lock It Up West, 1201 W. Longview Rd., Mansfield at 12:30 pm
Unit 233, belongings of Erica Driscoll, last known address 330 4th Ave., Mansfield: hutch, chair, table
Unit 5029, belongings of Fayette M. Ali, last known address 601 Garfield Pl., Mansfield: televisions, totes
Unit 702, belongings of Marilyn Berdine, last known address 157 Washington Ave., Mansfield: dresser, grill, bed frame
Unit 6048, belongings of Gilbert Buckner, last known address 35 Woodbond St., Bucyrus: weights, cooler, hose
Unit 9025, belongings of Hope Clair, last known address 5 Eastlawn Ave., Mansfield: sweeper, chair, bed frame
Unit A221, belongings of Shelbie Dewitt, last known address 352 Boston Ave., Mansfield: Misc
Unit 6060, belongings of Stacy Smith, last known address 839 W. 3rd St., Mansfield: bike, tools, fridge
Lock It Up Storage at 260 Ashland Rd., Mansfield
Tenants are having garage sales Saturday, Sept. 14 from 10 am - 2 pm. Items include: collectibles, antiques, floor covering, appliances, furniture, clothing, electronics, tools, infant access, toys, books, puzzles, household items, jewelry, 2005 Suzuki MC, lawn mower, weed eater, lots of misc.

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