Hospice of North Central Ohio building

Headquartered at 1050 Dauch Drive in Ashland, Hospice of North Central Ohio serves more than 200 patients daily in Richland, Ashland, Crawford, Huron, Knox, and Morrow counties with palliative and hospice services.

ASHLAND -- Hospice of North Central Ohio (HNCO) plans to construct a new home for its headquarters in 2019 at the front of its current property on Dauch Drive and Mifflin Avenue.

If all goes as planned, ground will break for the new HNCO home by summer of 2019 with a proposed opening by the spring of 2020.

The organization announced Wednesday this is part of a strategic plan put into place in late 2015 by Hospice of North Central Ohio’s board of directors to keep the non-profit organization viable while maintaining and enhancing quality care and services and creating ample endowments to ensure future success.

Since then, HNCO’s restructuring has included the closing of its underutilized inpatient unit, reconfiguring its administrative and support teams, implementing a coordinated marketing program across its service area, and creating 17 new endowments. All of these strategies were designed to increase the sustainability of the agency and make it debt free by 2020, the organization stated in a press release.

A preliminary purchase agreement for the property at 1050 Dauch Drive recently signed with McClain Development, Inc., allows Hospice of North Central Ohio to take this next step in its strategic plan. A due diligence period of up to six months will culminate in the actual sale of the building and exchange of the deed.

The purchase agreement is for the building currently occupied by Hospice of North Central Ohio and just over ten acres of property. McClain Development plans to expand the facility and open a 90-bed assisted living residence. McClain Development, Inc., a family-owned organization specializing in assisted living communities, has designed, built, and operates 27 successful assisted living residences throughout Ohio.

“A committee of the board of directors has been meeting for several months considering the best option for the future of our organization and this community," HNCO Board of Directors President Joshua Hughes stated. "The values and mission of the McClain organization align quite well with ours, and we are excited to be making strides in our strategic plan.

“This move assures that HNCO will remain an independent, non-profit organization headquartered in Ashland and will, first and foremost, continue its excellent care to families in Ashland, Knox, Richland and surrounding counties.”

The board stated it would like to clearly communicate that a new memorial garden and walkway will be an integral component of the new facility as existing memorial monuments will be moved or reconstructed as feasible and appropriate. This includes the transfer of all memorial bricks and plaques, both internal and external, to settings within the new building and grounds.

Ashland Mayor Matt Miller said he was excited about the news.

"I have had the opportunity to get to know the McClain family over the past few months, and we are so fortunate to have them moving into our community," Miller said. "They have a reputation for excellence. Their facilities are among the very best, and in every community where they have a presence, they are an invaluable corporate citizen.

“We could not ask for a better steward of this important community property because the McClains understand this site’s history, and they want to both honor and preserve the integrity of the neighborhood in which HNCO is located.”

Kathy Goon, Executive Director of Grow Ashland Economic Development Office, said she was pleased with the news.

“From the standpoint of economic development, we are both thrilled and humbled that McClain Development is considering Ashland for its 28th location in Ohio," Goon said. "The potential for expansion, job creation, and the level of investment fit into the current environment and neighborhood. It’s a perfect way to repurpose this existing, majestic building in our community."

Headquartered at 1050 Dauch Drive in Ashland, Hospice of North Central Ohio serves more than 200 patients daily in Ashland, Crawford, Huron, Knox, Morrow, and Richland counties with palliative and hospice services.

Additionally, free bereavement services are provided for hundreds of families of hospice patients and anyone in the community experiencing grief. Call 800-952-2207 for more information. HNCO is a community partner of United Way.

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