Ashland Republicans

Ashland County Republican Party members gathered for an annual picnic Aug. 15 at the Ashland County Wildlife Conservation League. 

ASHLAND -- The Ashland County Republican Party held its annual family picnic Aug. 15 at the Ashland County Wildlife Conservation League.

Party chairman Chris Tunnell said the event drew approximately 200 Republican picnickers. A potluck dinner then followed the Pledge of Allegiance. Following dinner, Jane Roland, Chairwoman of the Ashland County Republic Party Central Committee, acknowledged twenty-two elected officials in attendance.

The featured speaker was Jim Irvine, Chairman of Buckeye Firearms Association. Irvine spoke about the Buckeye Firearms Association’s role in state and national litigation in defense of the Second Amendment. He further outlined the efforts of Buckeye Firearms Association’s School Safety Initiative, as well as his Association’s views of candidates and legislation currently under consideration in Ohio.

Kathy Goon, President of the Ashland County Republican Women, gave an update as to the activities of the organization. The Republican Women were thanked by Tunnell for their efforts in support of the picnic.

Ashland County Clerk of Courts Deborah Myers updated the crowd as to her candidacy for clerk of courts, urging everyone to like her Facebook page, Deborah Meyers for Clerk of Courts. She further outlined her experience, both as a Deputy Clerk and as Clerk of Courts in Ashland County.

Andrew King, candidate for Fifth District Court of Appeals, was on hand to address the crowd. King noted he has received a warm reception from all fifteen counties in the Fifth District. He said he intends to use his experience as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in Delaware County to aid him in deciding what the law is, not legislate from the bench.

Congressman Bob Gibbs and State House Representative Darrell Kick gave updates on the progress of their campaigns. Both highlighted their experiences as local farmers to negotiate bills involving agricultural interests in Washington, D.C. and Columbus.

The audience also heard from representatives of the Renacci for Senate campaign, the DeWine-Husted campaign and Judge Craig Baldwin and Justice Mary DeGenaro for Ohio Supreme Court campaigns. All campaigns are going well and are hoping for a big turnout in November, Tunnell said in a news release. 

Tunnell noted in closing that the party planned to have a float and a walking unit in the Labor Day parade.

At the close of the program, many of those still in attendance went outside to take a group photo, which was submitted with this release.

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