Pleasant Hill Lake Park

The history of Pleasant Hill Lake Park will be the topic of an Oct. 15 program at Loudonville's museum.

LOUDONVILLE — The Cleo Redd Fisher Museum invites the public to join Louis Andres, a Park Services Specialist at Pleasant Hill Lake Park, to discover and discuss the history of the lake located outside Perrysville.

The man-made lake began eighty years ago in 1938, following construction of the dam, but took nearly 12 years to open — and resulted in two villages being wiped off the map. The lake became a recreation destination with campgrounds, boat clubs, and more mainstays even today while other attractions such as boat regattas and airfields were lost to history.

History of Pleasant Hill Lake Park

Boats cruise Pleasant Hill Lake Park, which was completed in 1938.

Andres, along with journalist Irv Oslin, spent the past year researching and writing the story of Pleasant Hill. The two co-authored and published their book, “Pleasant Hill Lake Park: Making Memories, 1938-2018 and Beyond” earlier this year. The book is a collection of photographs, newspaper clippings, Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District archives, and accounts from local historians, neighbors, and people who worked and lived in the park.

This free program will be held on Monday, Oct. 15 at 7pm in the CRF Museum, located at 203 E. Main Street in Loudonville. More information is available at or by calling the museum office at 419 994-4050.

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