MANSFIELD -- If there's a history buff in your life, particularly a local history buff, we've got a great gift idea for you.

Richland Source history columnist Tim McKee has created a local history book chock full of interesting anecdotes and pictures that is sure to become a local keepsake.

"The words in the book came from my pen, but the stories behind the words have come from a thousand sources: old books, dusty ledgers, newspaper columns, and whole libraries of printed lore. But far more, and way beyond all that: most of it has come from the many people through the years who have trusted me with their memories," McKee said.

A number of these historical stories have been shared in various McKee columns over the past four years. Here is a collection bound in one package, just in time for the holidays.

"Sometimes when I'm writing I can hear their voices, see their faces, and I'm very much aware in that moment that my work is simply passing along the stories that were meaningful to others and ought to be preserved," McKee said. "That's what history is -- handing the memories to someone else on down the timeline."

The popularity of McKee's Native Son and Then & Now features on Richland Source prompted the book.

"We have imagined this project for years. Tim's commitment to the stories of our region has created an exhaustive library on Richland Source, but the limits of the web sometimes left us wondering if the work would benefit from a printed presentation. We're thrilled with the design and the quality."

Reserve your copy

The first edition of "Native Son" will be limited to 1,000 copies. Richland Source readers can take advantage of an exclusive pre-sale now through Oct. 6, and save 10 percent on their purchase by using the coupon code NATIVE at checkout. 

Copies will be available in time for the holiday season and multi-book bundles are available. 

Businesses interested in corporate purchases should inquire via e-mail to Jasmine Evans at

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