All Souls Church in Bellville

BELLVILLE -- There have been Universalists in Bellville since the 1940s, but they have been meeting in this amazing edifice since the1890s as All Souls Church.

Today it is known as the All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church.

Then & Now: Universalist Church Bellville 1912

Undoubtedly one of the most exquisite buildings to come out of the Richland earth, All Souls is constructed of our classic native pink sandstone, and makes good display of some rather stunning pieces of the stone.

Pink sandstone

Classic example of Richland County's native pink sandstone, quarried near Bellville.

To architects of the 1800s the layered sandstone was called “landscape stone,” and there are wonderful examples to be seen at All Souls that make it clear why the rock was given that name: these stones seem to depict landscape scenes.

Landscape stone at All Souls Church
Landscape stone quarried in Richland County

If you’re curious about Richland’s pink sandstone watch this short documentary:

If you’re curious about All Souls check out their website:

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