Steel Mill 1924

A vintage image shows the site of the former Mansfield Sheet and Tin Plate Company.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story originally published on Richland Source in 2014.

Then & Now: the steel mill

MANSFIELD -- The steel mill in Mansfield has been known by different names to different generations of families in Richland County.

Today, we know it as AK Steel, but within recent lifetimes, it was called Empire Detroit and Cyclops. In 1924, shortly after the business came into being, it was called the Mansfield Sheet and Tin Plate Company.

Then & Now: steel mill offices

There was a young man in Mansfield, Georg Nielson, who had recently immigrated to America from Sweden, worked at the steel mill. He was so proud of his new home that he snapped these pictures to send back to the old country and show them his new world.

Then & Now: steel mill aerial photos

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