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Then & Now: The corner of Fourth and Main 1914

Newsboys at 4th & Main

There was a time—in the 1920s—when the corner of Fourth & Main was without question the busiest intersection in town. The Lincoln Highway brought cars through on Fourth Street, and the heaviest traffic of downtown businesses was all within shouting distance of Main Street.

The photos in this article, spanning 125 years, are all pointed at the northwest corner of Fourth and Main.

Fourth & Main 1800s

Dating back to before the Civil War the corner of 4th & Main had a Federal-style brick office building that housed many different businesses through the years including Wells Fargo.

Fourth & Main's first bank

The corner of Fourth & Main was where the Mansfield Savings Bank built their offices in 1873.  

The original structure had a Mansard roof that was quite elegant but failed to keep out the rain, so the roofline was redesigned in the 1890s.  In the process the corner acquired an imposing and memorable round tower room.

Fourth & Main check

By 1914 the Mansfield Savings Bank and Trust Co. had finished their new building, a downtown landmark still easily recognized today.

Fourth & Main bank interior

The Mansfield Savings Bank has long since moved away from the corner of Fourth & Main as part of a larger conglomerate institution, but the building lives on in a vital role as a cornerstone of the Carrousel District.

Then & Now: The corner of Fourth & Main Sts. 1914

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