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Then & Now: Lincoln Restaurant 1915 (City Grille)

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The Lincoln Restaurant 1915

In 1915, the busiest street in Mansfield was Fourth Street, because that was the city’s stretch of our first national road: the Lincoln Highway.

With all the new tourist travel passing across the US, every restaurant along the way was competing for attention; so, diners named Lincoln Restaurant spring up all across the country. The one in Mansfield was established on the north side of East Fourth, between Main and Diamond Streets.

Today the site is where you’ll find City Grille.

The Dailey Bar

The Lincoln lasted only a year, but the restaurant space has taken many more names and forms since then: it was Daly’s Cafeteria; King’s Café; DeLuxe Restaurant. In 1939, it became the Dailey Bar, and in 1948 it became the first establishment in Mansfield to have a television over the bar.

In the 1990s it became The Wooden Pony; then Brandt’s Bistro; and today when you go there to eat you’ll be in City Grille.

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