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Then & Now: A view from the Mohican Fire Tower 1943

Mohican Fire Tower 1950

Historically speaking, the now-familiar view from the top of the fire tower in Mohican Memorial State Forest is a relatively recent sight for humans of Richland and Ashland Counties.

The Clear Fork Gorge has been there for many thousands of years, but the view of it that we enjoy today from 80 feet in the air has been available only since 1934. Unless, of course, you happened to be a bird.

In the decades since 1934, many hundreds of thousands of humans have climbed that tower, and many of them took their cameras to the top so they could record the view and document their friends in the sky.

View of Clear Fork Gorge from Fire Tower 1934

This is the view looking north from the Fire Tower into the Clear Fork Gorge as it looked in 1934 when the tower was new.  Today the view is completely obscured by tall pines, seen in this photo as little saplings.

Then & Now: View looking east from Mohican Fire Tower 1943
Then & Now: View from Mohican Fire Tower looking west 1936
Looking south from Mohican Fire Tower 2018

A view looking south from the Mohican Fire Tower today.

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