Bill Yeager

Teacher Bill Yeager explains a projector to early members of Loudonville's A/V Club.

LOUDONVILLE -- Loudonville High School once had an Audio/Visual Club that operated a local cable channel for the Loudonville community.

The club is believed to have started in the 1950s and operated through at least the early 1970s. What began as an interest in emerging electronics developed into a regular programming schedule, involving sports broadcasts and documentaries on local topics.

Other topics filmed by the club included the dedication of the new public library, a tour of the Flxible factory, and an interview with Dr. Greer about the history of the Wally Railroad.

Teacher Bill Yeager proved instrumental in the early days of Loudonville's A/V Club.

More information on the Cleo Redd Fisher Museum can be found at this link.

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