Witchcraft was part of the divorce case of Amos Norris.

The name "Amos Norris" is written many, many times in the court records of Richland County in the late 1800s and early 1900s, so much so that late in his life one newspaper wrote that Amos "(seemed) to be known to all the attorneys of the city who claim that lawing is a pastime with him" [1].

I stumbled across his name when looking for something appropriately spooky for our blog post in October, and found a trove of tales about Amos D. Norris.

Snippet from Daily Shield

This was the story on Page 2 of the Mansfield Daily Shield on July 29, 1901.

sensational Mansfield Daily Shield

This story was from the Nov. 15, 1901 edition of the Mansfield Daily Shield.


Mansfield Daily Shield, Jan. 20, 1902, page 2.

Butler Enterprise

Butler Enterprise, June 13, 1902, page 2.