Fire Dept #1 at Second & Walnut

Go to the corner of Second and Walnut today and you’ll find a pretty quiet place: folks sitting on the porch; a little slow coming and going; some friendly low-key conversation. Today it’s the West Park Senior Center.

Then & Now: Second & Walnut

Had you reached that same destination in 1930s you could expect a very different level of activity with lots of folks streaming up and down the stairs all day, lawyers and judges exchanging variable sentiments, and periodic fire trucks racing out the back with alarming volume. In 1926 this corner is where Mansfield built its Municipal Building.

For fifty years in the life of our city this corner was the hive which taxpayers, attorneys, politicians and plaintiffs circled. After all that hubbub and anxiety the corner of Second and Walnut deserved a rest, and gratefully today breathes a sigh of relief.

Municipal Building & Fire Dept #1

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