Old fashioned base ball game

Editor's Note: This is an ongoing series which runs each Thursday morning titled the Richland Chronicles, by author Paul Lintern. It is set in the 1860s and tells the story of Richland County through the eyes of young people. The books are available from Lintern for $25 a set, tax and shipping included. Each book is about 120 pages written for intermediate readers (4th grade) with local illustrations. Volume I is Amelia Changes Her Tune. Volume II is Isaac and Wolf Paw Find Their Home. Volume III is Autumn Keeps Her Secret. Volume IV is Mr. Gamble Starts a School. Volume V is Jacob Blows his Horn. Volume VI is Cassie Fights the WarVolume VII is Emilene Adopts Her Family.

David heard the music in the crowd, the fiddles sounding out a dance tune. He looked up on the knoll on the third base side. There stood Grace and Emilene, next to Miss Vasbinder, plus a handful of other players, a whole fleet of fiddlers, playing a happy tune as though it were a sunny, bright June late afternoon.