Mansfield Steam Soapworks Company

Employees are pictured here at the Mansfield Steam Soapworks Company.

MANSFIELD -- Jerry Miller's quest to preserve the history of manufacturing in the region produced this photo recently, and it stumped his email followers.

It's a photo of the Mansfield Steam Soapworks Company. Miller reported the company was located near the intersection of North Adams and East Fifth Street in Mansfield, where B-mold/Bunting Bearings is located today. Previously it was where Ideal Electric began and later Mansfield Plating was located.

"We don’t have any more information on the Soap Company; if any does, please let us know," Miller said.

Miller is the organizer of the North Central Ohio Manufacturing Museum. His mission is to preserve the legacy of manufacturing and keep alive the memories created by those who labored here in the past.

He noted that in the photo, if you zoom in on the bottom right hand corner of the picture, you can see ‘Fels-Naptha’ on the shipping boxes. That should mean those boxes were produced by Fels Company of Philadelphia & Baltimore in the late 1890’s thru 1950’s.

"I expected to see ‘Mansfield’ somewhere," Miller said. "I'm not sure how to explain that."

Miller asks that anyone with manufacturing memorabilia share it with his organization.

"The main thing is for people not to throw stuff away," he said.

To contact Miller and the North Central Ohio Industrial Museum, email him at Items can also be dropped off at the Mansfield Reformatory at 100 Reformatory Road.

"The Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Society, especially Paul Smith and Dan Seckel, have been great to work with," Miller said, "helping us on renovations of the Lower East Diagonal, the Future home of the NCOI Museum.

"Without them, and a little push by Ed Meehan and Jack Pollack in 2014; all of this progress would not have been possible.

"We also had nine amazing donors from the Richland County Foundations, RichlandGives Day."

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