A ghost of Wildcat Hollow

Years ago I had a friend who was a Scoutmaster, and every year he took his Scouts on a camping trip to Wildcat Hollow.

The ghost of Headless Kate

This painting of Wildcat Hollow by Nell Wade depicts the ghost of Headless Kate as she frightens neighborhood kids.  Nell was a descendant of Cy Gatton, and she once lived in Wildcat Hollow.

Topo map 1915: Wildcat Hollow

This USGS topographical map shows that the ravine east of Butler was known as Wildcat Hollow as early as 1915.

Map of Wildcat Hollow from Sowash book

This map of Wildcat Hollow illustrates a collection of Cy Gatton's stories in a book by Rick Sowash from 1994.

In Wildcat Hollow
A Civil War Private
In the Wildcat Hollow ravine

In the creek bed of the Wildcat Hollow ravine.

The haunted Volkswagon
The abandoned road

Deeply worn into the earth, the abandoned road through Wildcat Hollow was once a main thoroughfare between Bellville and Butler.