Lawrence Welk in 1969

Lawrence Welk is shown here with his band in 1969.

LOUDONVILLE -- In 1948, Loudonville native Paul Weirick, best known as the music arranger for the Lawrence Welk Show, introduced his showbiz friends to a taste of his hometown.

Weirick wrote "Hollywood Square Dance," covered by the likes of Sammy Kaye and Vera Lynne, and brought a little country to Los Angeles.

Paul's friends in Loudonville could listen to his hit tune at the Page Dairy, where the nickelodeon jukebox would blare out the lyrics to his song:

"In Hollywood the latest craze

"Will make you want to dance for days

"So, grab your partner, take a chance

"Try the Hollywood Square Dance."

Hollywood Square Dance wasn't Weirick's first, or last, song either.

In 1932 he wrote "Something in the Night" and in 1949 "Makin' Love Ukulele Style."

Listen to "Something in the Night" at this YouTube link.

More information on the Cleo Redd Fisher Museum can be found at this link.

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