Pharmacy Float

This vintage postcard image shows what may well be Charles F. Fink's pharmacy deliver truck, decorated for Labor Day, 1911. Fink's Rexall Drug Store had been under his direction since 1904, though the store itself dated back to the 1860s.

Ask any old timer about life in Fredericktown and Fink's drugstore will surface sooner or later. The store, located at 115 North Main Street, was a local fixture for many years, run by Charles F. Fink and later by his son, Norman.

Charles was born in Olivesburg, Pennsylvania in 1877. He attended Ohio Northern University and graduated with a degree in pharmacology in 1898. He first came to Fredericktown to work at F. F. Hosack's drugstore. After just a few years, Hosack decided to retire and sold the store to his vigorous young employee.

Cow Ease

The stand in the middle of Fink's store was a tin lithograph advertisement sign for “Cow Ease,” a popular pest repellent for keeping flies off cows. A mint condition version of this same sign was sold in 2012 by Wm Morford Antiques ( for a mere $1,870.

Fink's Drug Store interior

This photograph of the interior of Fink's store also dates from 1911. That is presumeably Charles Fink himself, standing at the counter. The photo was tucked in as a bonus when the author purchased the vintage postcard at a show in Cleveland in 2019.