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ASHLAND – Ashland University is preparing for on-campus instruction fall semester, while also making alternative plans to offer instruction online or in a hybrid format.

“We all face continued uncertainty as the battle against this pandemic continues,” said AU President Carlos Campo. “But our campus is preparing well to face whatever challenges come our way. Our leadership team is developing a comprehensive plan for conducting the fall semester.”

Those plans are expected to be shared with the campus community on or before June 15.

In the meantime, AU continues to accept applications for fall and will continue to do so through July 1. Financial aid and scholarships continue to be available and prospective students who were unable to take the ACT or SAT exams will be considered for admission based on a review of high school transcripts.

Planning for fall, Campo said, means having not a single plan, but one that takes into account any number of contingencies. “Until there is a vaccine, few places in the world will be coronavirus free, and college campuses pose unique challenges to social distancing,” Campo said. “To open our campus to students, however, we do need to be coronavirus-safe.

This includes having plans to include testing, tracing, and containment. Because we do not know when new waves of COVID-19 may come, or what health and travel restrictions various governments may enact, our faculty members and student development teams are planning to be remote-ready throughout the fall in case we need to transition to online learning.”

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