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Then & Now

Ankneytown: A view from a glass negative

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Downtown Ankneytown

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story originally published on Richland Source in 2015.

ANKNEYTOWN -- If you drive south of Bellville on the Ankneytown Road, right after you leave Richland County and right before you hit Ohio 95 you’ll pass through the little hamlet of Ankneytown.

In the old country a ‘hamlet’ became a ‘village’ when it had a church, and there is definitely a church in Ankneytown though its hopes for becoming a village stopped at about a dozen houses.

It did get the railroad, though, in the 1800s, and if the Richland B&O Trail were to be extended past Butler the next stop for cyclists would be downtown Ankneytown.

This glass negative was shot by a photographer from Bellville named O.J. Workman, and apparently he set his tripod on a wagon or higher because I couldn’t get high enough with my camera to catch the church in the background even sitting on the top of my car.

Then & Now: Ankneytown in the 1890s

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