Dr. J. Bruce Jackson passed away peacefully in his home November 12, 2023 surrounded by his family.

Dr. Jackson gave much of himself to his profession and to his community. He was the Medical Director of Empire Detroit Steel/Armco (1962-92), on the Richland County Board of Health (1996-01), on the Board of Directors Richland Alternate Program (1985-92) and a Trustee of the Richland County Foundation (2010-16). He was often asked to give medical presentations to local clubs and organizations and was also fond of supporting the educational community. A letter received in 1964 from the superintendent of Ontario High School stated “I want to extend our appreciation and thanks for the assistance you gave us in the examination of the boys on our football team. As we did not have any doctors located within our district it would have been a serious problem without your assistance”. He was also a staunch supporter of the MedCentral Nursing College and the Ashland University of Nursing College.

His philanthropy extended to many cultural and civic institutions in Richland County such as the Kingwood Center Gardens, Renaissance Performing Arts Center, Malabar Farm Foundation Friendly House, YMCA, Ohio Bird Sanctuary and the Gorman Nature Center. His generosity was felt by many others too numerous to list here. He and his wife, Nancy, were also members of the First Congregational Church.

Bruce was born June 24, 1930 in New Philadelphia, Ohio. He gave back to his early alma mater by establishing along with his brother, Dr. Norman Jackson and his sister, Marjorie Rasche, the Dr. William J. and Mae Hurst Jackson Award for Distinguished Teaching for the Quaker Foundation of the New Philadelphia City Schools. He attended Western Reserve University where he was mentored by the late Carl F. Wittke who was a major influence in his life. He honored his advisor by establishing the J. Bruce Jackson M.D. Award for excellence in Undergraduate Mentoring for teachers of Case Western Reserve University. The Wittke Award was added in 2002. After graduating in 1956 from the Ohio State University College of Medicine where he met his future wife, Nancy, and was president of the Phi Chi Fraternity, he interned at Akron City Hospital before joining the United States Air Force for 2 years as Chief of Aviation Medicine and Chief Flight Surgeon Deputy Commander 4th Tactical Wing.

Dr. Jackson finished his residency in the Akron City Hospital System and moved to Mansfield, Ohio in 1964 to establish his practice as a Doctor of General Surgery.

During his lifetime he advanced the science of medicine and the numismatic community publishing cutting edge knowledge on surgical technique and providing critical reference to grading coins.

Bruce’s interests and hobbies along with numismatics included golf and world travel. His coin collecting began at age 11 when discovering some of the pennies from his paper route were worth more than face value. He enjoyed the journey of acquiring his collection and hoped that joy was felt by those who obtained his valued coins when they were all relinquished in future auctions. In regard to globe-trotting with his wife, Nancy, he would return home and assemble a travel memo scrapbook filled with photos and anecdotes. Those lucky enough to receive his annual holiday letter would also be treated to a lively and amusing retelling of adventures and family news. Bruce touched many lives within his work, travel and interests and will be missed by those who were his patients, friends and family.

He was preceded in death by his parents, William and Mae Jackson, his son, Bill, his brother, Norman and his wife, Nancy. He will be deeply missed by his sister, Marjorie Rasche, daughters Julie (Jeff) Busemeyer, Carol (George) Reece, Ellie (Tom) Arnold, grandchildren Abram, Tyler (Kristen) and Mac kenzie (Angie) Reece; Davis (Sophia), Mallory, Amelia and Max Arnold and great grandchildren Paige Reece; Erika, Daxton, Cheznie and Aven Reece.

A memorial event will be held for Dr. Jackson and his wife, Nancy at a later date.