MANSFIELD — “Glory. Hallelujah.”

That was the sentiment as many gathered to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. at the Oasis of Love Church in the north end of Mansfield Sunday evening.

Several of Mansfield’s government heads attended the service and were recognized.

Mayors Tim Theaker of Mansfield and Randy Hutchison of Ontario, newly appointed commissioners Darrell Banks and Tony Vero, Richland County Sheriff Steve Sheldon and Councilman at Large Don Bryant stood and received applause from the congregation as they stood in the first pews of the sanctuary.

“Every day, we get up in the morning, —every morning — and God gives us that privilege to get up. Let’s celebrate every day — a new life.” Theaker said at the pulpit. “Dr. Martin Luther King (Jr.) was a part of that freedom. He was a person that worked hard for everyone’s freedom, not just yours and mine, but everyone’s freedom.”

Theaker then read a proclamation for the city of Mansfield announcing Jan. 16 is to be recognized as Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Mansfield.

The Mansfield Community Choir sang powerfully, drawing nearly everyone in the congregation to sing and clap along to the music.