The Richland Source sports department covers 14 area schools and 8 different categories of competition, and that's just fall sports. We intend to be at as many as possible. It's a big task, but we are determined to cover every sport as evenly and fairly as possible.

The reality of our manpower is this: we can't be in every stadium and at every sport at once, but that doesn't mean we don't care about your school or your sport.

In conversations with our audience, we have been made aware that some teams, some sports, some athletes simply don’t get the coverage they deserve. That can change.

So, in the spirit of Richland Source, we are going to empower our readers. The solution lies in Facebook and Twitter.  

We have launched the hashtag #rshss. The #rshss acronym stands for “Richland Source High School Sports,” and we are hoping that it will put your team scores and updates in view of the rest of the county any time, any where, any sport in the Crawford County and Richland County.

First, some users might ask, “What’s a hashtag?” Fair question, because while our Twitter users will be very familiar with its function, Facebook just recently launched it last summer. In short, it has yet to reach ubiquity on that platform. However, once users start using it, the simplicity and function can be addictive.

In both platforms, a single click will bring up every public post with #rshss into a single feed. In fact, you can see the Facebook version by clicking this one: #rshss.

You can see that all of those posts will be aggregated into one stream, in real time.

Now, here’s the exciting part. With six simple characters, any person in any grandstand, lawn chair, bleacher seat, or courtside seat in the county can tweet, post, or message game updates, pictures of any high school sport to a single high school feed. Then, when you or other folks search #rshss in the search bar of either site, you'll see all the conversation around local sports right away. Simply put, it acts as one large community conversation.

If a single fan is passionate enough, their favorite high schools and sports can get primetime coverage by way of our Friday Night Scoreboard articles. Our team watches the feed. We retweet. We share. We have fun. We also discover things we didn't know before. Frankly, that’s what we think a community’s high school sports aim to be about: coming together and supporting our athletes.

As a media outlet we are still going to generate stories the same way. In the spirit of full disclosure, we're well aware that we're not the first hashtag that's ever been launched around sports or even local high school sports. We just want to extend a personal invitation for all fans to join us.

We will be at your schools and at your stadiums. With a small team, that may not be an every week event. Because we're a smaller outlet, and because we care, we invite you to stay in touch. With this hashtag, we hope to join you on the edge of your seat in overtime, be there through good seasons and bad seasons, in “big” sports and “little” sports, and ultimately, have fun through a single hashtag.

The #rshss conversation is officially open. We hope you’ll join us.

Technical Facebook note

On hashtag, I have a technical Facebook note, make sure that post’s settings are public. See globe icon in the photo Facebook hashtagging photo above.

This will not make any more information public that is not already public. Your private information will remain private.

What it does is simply make the update viewable for Richland Source.

David Yoder is an editor for the Richland Source. When he is not at the editing desk, he follows topics related to sports, education, and business.