Chipotle Mexican Grille, known for their fresh ingredients and enormous burritos, is opening yet another restaurant in the Mansfield area. The new location is set to open December 10 at 2470 Possum Run Road in the Washington Township area.

"It's a great thing, the new location will having a positive impact on the community. Providing good food to more people,” said Eric Wood, Manager of the Lexington/Springmill location.

Chipotle Mexican Grille began in 1993 with nothing more than a young chef's passion for cooking, and an innovative idea to elevate the fast food experience. Inspired by the taquerias he frequented in San Francisco, Steve Ells opened his first Chipotle Mexican Grille in 1993 in an old Dolly Madison ice cream shop in Colorado. The rest, as they say, “is history.”

Amber Gallihar, Public Relations Representative for Chipotle summed up the move to Possum Run Road by saying, “The new location is all about providing better access to sustainable food at reasonable prices to more people.”

Gallihar added that the location was chosen in part because of its accessibility, saying, ”We are always looking for high traffic areas with good access. Chipotle's existing restaurant in Mansfield/Ontario performs very well and we've recently started identifying highway exit opportunities in proven markets. This exit is a midway point between Cleveland and Columbus as well as an access point for Snow Trails and state parks. The combination of a strong existing unit and strong highway points made this a great opportunity to further develop the Central Ohio market and continue testing the Chipotle brand in non-traditional environments like highway exits.”

Gallihar added that the existing building was demolished to make room for construction of a brand new freestanding Chipotle Mexican Grille. The new location is currently accepting applications for crew members. Depending on sales, according to Gallihar, the new location, once fully staffed, will include 20-25 employees. Chipotle makes it a policy to promote from within, and the managerial staff at the new location will likely be comprised of internally promoted crew members.

Chipotle is dedicated to using naturally raised pork,chicken and beef and the freshest ingredients.

The new location will serve beer and margaritas but not on Sundays, and according to Gallihar, Chipotle looks forward to the continued growth and opportunity to bring the fresh flavor of their Mexican grille to communities across the country.