The Richland County Safe Communities Coalition reports that for the month of May there were no traffic deaths in Richland County.

There have been two traffic-related fatalities so far this year. Last year there was one traffic fatalities in May and four for the year.

According to the Federal Highway Administration’s comprehensive costs for traffic fatalities, each fatality has a comprehensive cost of $6 million associated with it. The two fatalities in January cost Richland County $12 million.

Although the 2013 “Click or Ticket” Mobilization ended on June 1, the Richland County Safe Communities Coalition is reminding everyone to always use your vehicle’s safety belts and make sure everyone is buckled up.

“During the summer months we see an increase in traffic in the evenings and weekends as people are driving to outdoor activities,” said Reed Richmond, Health Educator at Richland Public Health, a Safe Communities partner. “Also, due to warmer weather and high gas prices, we need to be alert for increased motorcycle, moped and bicycle traffic. That’s another reason why motorists must focus on the driving task and avoid distractions both inside and outside the vehicle.”