The Ontario Growth Association (OGA) met last week to discuss developments in the community. David Yaney discussed future events that will occur in the next month, and guest speaker from the Richland County Development Group (RCDG), Bridgette McDaniel, spoke about growing businesses in Richland County.

Yaney brought attention to a few events that will be taking place during the month of August. The Fall Festival is planned but a date has not been set. “We are hoping for October 26, but that is not confirmed just yet. We are still working a few items out and we will make it known when the date is set,” said Yaney.

Yaney also touched base on Concerts in the Park. “These have been very successful and we usually have a few hundred people that are attending. People are enjoying them,” said Yaney. The next concert will be on August 13 at 7 p.m. in Marshall Park and Colonial City Quartet will perform.

Bridget McDaniel of RCDG, was OGA’s guest speaker. McDaniel informed the group that a job fair will be held for countywide residents on September 19 and it is free to participate. McDaniel said, “We are doing a real effort in this community to increase the use of interns. We worry about the young people who finish high school or college and do not want to stay here. We have found that internships could help.”

“It is an investment in our community and we want to encourage the use of interns,” said McDaniel. There will be an upcoming event that will teach businesses how to implement internships. The date of that event has not been set.

Also, the Richland Mall will be holding a Back-To-School Fashion Show on August 17 at 3 p.m. in Center Court. Some retailers that will be participating in the event include Gymboree, Aeropostale, and Vanity. The retailers will provide the models. There will also be a Bingo Bash on August 17 which take place from 1-2 p.m. in Center Court. The event is free of charge and is open to everyone. To register for the Bingo Bash, call Katie at 419-529-5312 before August 15. Seating is limited.